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WolfTV provides access to real-time viewing of popular RtCW matches. Once WolfTV has connected to a server, anyone wanting to spectate the match can connect directly to the WolfTV server. Since only one spectator spot is needed by WolfTV, the RtCW server avoids having to serve to 100s of spectators. When watching a game on WolfTV, you are watching a recording, delayed by whatever number of seconds the server admin has chosen. You can't chose to spec the person you want like in a normal server, but in WolfTV you can see who the cameraman is speccing.

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D6ZKKIXU [megaupload.com]

Our WolfTV server:

1) Unrar the "wolftv.rar"
2) put the "wolftv" folder in your rtcw root/directory folder (for example: with me that is in (C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein 1.0))
3) connect to the WolfTV server, it won't be in the server list (/connect
4) you are now in the main hall, you are not speccing any games yet
5) typ the command "/tv_watch 2" in console to watch the game that is currently being played.
6) get some popcorn & enjoy the game!

How to know when a game will be played?
Every game that will be broadcasted on WolfTV will be put at gamestv.org, with the correct date & time, so check it reguarly. maybe on http://crossfire.nu [crossfire.nu] aswell
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