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Seeding matches written by homie, 2011-04-01 14:11 CEST (2 comments)


Only 48 hours after the eZbash RTCW 6v6 Cup was announced we already had our 8 teams signed up! Now it's time to decide the groups and to see if all teams will actually play in the cup with the seeding games! The deathline is set at April 10.

Signed Up Teams

eZbash -> first signed up
Circle Of Haste
No Pressure
Knö I Hörn -> last signed up

Seeding matches

No Pressure vs. Knö I Hörn
Fixed vs. gZilla
Circle Of Haste vs. Cave
eZbash vs. Chile

Available Servers

No CD-Key servers (only play here with teams that have no-cd key players, cause hitboxes are not the same as real 1.4 servers)
eZbash #1 -;password jihad
eZbash #2 -;password tsunami

CD-Key servers
eZbash #3 -;password rtcw4ever
eZbash #4 PUB -
Wolfenstein Zone YCN Hosting -
Fixed Private -;password beach


Maps are decided by elimination. For seeding matches, the team who signed up the earliest can start elimination (check signed up teams for order). You each eliminate a map untill there are 2 maps left. 2 stopwatch rounds on each maps with ABBA order.
In case of a tie after the second map, a third map must be played decided by elimination again, and the other team can start eliminating from the remaining unplayed maps. The team who can win 2 stopwatch rounds on the third map is the winner.

Deathline for the games: April 10

mappool: mp_ice, mp_base, mp_assault, mp_beach, te_frostbite, mp_village

Other important rules [ezbashcup.tourney.cc]

Arranging Games

Each clanleader needs to contact the other team's clanleader to arrange the game.

You can contact each other on:
- IRC ( #rtcw.wars , #rtcw-cup)
- here below
- via crossfire PM
- etc...

WolfTV & Shoutcast

At the moment im trying to get a WTV server. If you would be interested to become camman contact me pls!
Also looking for a shoutcast server & maye somebody extra to do shoutcasts (owzo??!!!)

Good luck & have fun to each participating team!
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