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Punkbuster in cup? written by homie, 2010-09-27 19:16 CEST (6 comments)

The most important poll of all in this season. Normally i wasn't going to enable it but a lot of players asked if it could be enabled.

you can vote at http://ezbh.freeforums.org/punkbuster-t29.html [ezbh.freeforums.org]

IMPORTANT! Here is a list of players that want to join the cup but don't have a team at the moment
you can view them here http://ezbh.freeforums.org/list-of-players-who-want-a-team-t31.html [ezbh.freeforums.org]

you can still sign-up, till 5 october.

ps: 7 teams in the cup now :) bigup!

Important Polls + Servers Up! written by homie, 2010-09-20 19:12 CEST (8 comments)

Hey all,

2 clans have already signed up their teams at the moment. But i've heard more teams are gattering up, so big up for them to join the cup =)

I have also some special favour to ask all of you guys.

I want the public to decide 2 things

1) Current mappool will be

- mp_beach
- mp_base
- mp_garage
- te_frostbite

But you can vote for 1 more map in the cup from this list (vote in poll pls)

- mp_pacific
- mp_ice
- braundorf_b4
- brescia1_1
- mp_odfts

you can vote here: http://ezbh.freeforums.org/mappool-t16.html [ezbh.freeforums.org]

2) Double Elimination / Groupphase?

Would you guys have double elimination or just Groupphase and then semi finals with the 2 top teams from every bracket and then finals ?

Explaination for double elimination: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-elimination_tournament [en.wikipedia.org]

With groupphase and so on you have more matches, but with double elimination its a bit more exciting

you can vote here: http://ezbh.freeforums.org/double-elimination-groupphase-t19.html [ezbh.freeforums.org]

But here is also something important

The good guys from www.rtcw4ever.de have given us 2 free servers to use for public play and to play the cup on, or any other scrims! SO Big-up for those guys, visit their website, cause they have all the maps, movies, mods and other stuff of rtcw & et. They also update news with any important new stuff happening on rtcw or et.

here are the 2 servers ip's:

eZbash public -
eZbash clanserver -;password jihad

have fun :)

PS: if you are in need of a team post on our forum in this section

http://ezbh.freeforums.org/need-a-team-f15.html [ezbh.freeforums.org]

Welcome! written by ezbashcup, 2010-09-18 02:53 CEST (6 comments)

Welcome to the brand new RtCW 1.0 Cup called the eZbash Cup

The main purpose of Season 1 will be to get objective active again on RtCW 1.0.
After the best years (2007-2009) that this version had of competitive gaming with cups such as Battle League, Nations Cup, OneDotZero League, EUL Cup & the many 1daycups we will try again to revive the objective scene on 1.0 after more then a year of dark times.

This means that the format will be 3v3 and the mod S4NDMoD related with no PunkBuster (PB). By doing this, clans can enter when they don't have a lot of players yet in their team and other players who want to enter aren't forced to update to dutchmeat his 1.0 PB RtCW version or download any mod, which might be confusing and troublesome for certain players. The best advantage on this version of RtCW will be probably that you don't need a valid CD-Key. So ET players can easily join this cup without much effort!

But, clearly this doesn't mean that Punkbuster won't be enabled in the future season and/or OSP switching for S4NDMoD.

Sign-Up has been opened, so gather a team and sign-up! Don't forget 1 player can only play for 1 team & all players that might play in the cup should be put in the team!

Last but certainly not least,
You can help this dream come true! Register on our forum (ezbh.freeforums.org) and discuss things about the cup such as the mappool and groupphase/double elimination, using of mercs,... .
We also need admins for during the games, you can contact homie via PM on eZbash forum or via E-mail if you would be interested..

Good luck to everybody who will play and i really believe that this is possible!


PS: You can already practice on our OBJ Public server!
PS2: Official rules, mappool, server config will come asap...
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