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If server crashes what to do written by homie, 2011-02-27 17:09 CET (4 comments)

contact admins on icq to reboot server(s)

dexter - 176308313
daywalker - 386157913
egal - 286896106

Groups have been drawn written by homie, 2010-10-06 19:07 CEST (7 comments)


Hi all,

Signup is closed and i've already made the groups. [ezbashcup.tourney.cc] You can still add players to your lineup, so don't worry. As you can see Group 1 consist of non european players, i've made this decision cause it will be easier for them to play on a server where most of the clans will have the same ping & timezone for schedule reasons. All the other groups formation i've let the system randomly decide.

The groupphase has started. Here is the schedule for the groupphase of this season of the eZbash Cup. The dates are only suggestions. Each match has to be played in a 2 weeks span. More info about that below. If both teams can't agree on a date, then it will be set by the organisation. Please arrange your games here [ezbh.freeforums.org] in the right topic we have made for you.


MW G Day Date Teams
A 1 tue 12-10-10 Pursuit vs. ET PLAYERS
A 1 thu 14-10-10 Chile vs. Monks of Bolivia
A 2 fri 15-10-10 age vs. kOLLAPZ
A 2 sat 16-10-10 Randoms vs. team 16
A 3 mon 18-10-10 eZbash vs. i
A 3 wed 20-10-10 Cupwinners vs. Homosapiens
A 4 fri 22-10-10 Rest In Pain vs. 1.33
A 4 sat 23-10-10 sexy vs. Knock Out

B 1 tue 26-10-10 Pursuit vs. Monks of Bolivia
B 1 thu 28-10-10 Chile vs. ET PLAYERS
B 2 fri 29-10-10 age vs. team 16
B 2 sat 30-10-10 Randoms vs. kOLLAPZ
B 3 mon 01-11-10 Cupwinners vs. i
B 3 wed 03-11-10 eZbash vs. homosapiens
B 4 fri 05-11-10 Rest In Pain vs. Knock Out
B 4 sat 06-11-10 sexy vs. 1.33

C 1 tue 09-11-10 ET PLAYERS vs. Monks of Bolivia
C 1 thu 11-11-10 Pursuit vs. Chile
C 2 fri 12-11-10 kOLLAPZ vs. team 16
C 2 sat 13-11-10 age vs. Randoms
C 3 mon 15-11-10 i vs. Homosapiens
C 3 wed 17-11-10 eZbash vs. Cupwinners
C 4 fri 19-11-10 1.33 vs. Knock Out
C 4 sat 20-11-10 Rest In Pain vs. sexy

MW = Matchweek
G = Group

Matchweeks A (11-10 till 24-10)
Matchweeks B (25-10 till 07-11)
Matchweeks C (08-11 till 21-11)

It's important that you know all the rules [ezbashcup.tourney.cc] before entering the game. For example: did you know you can do 6v6, that every team has 1 wildcard,you have to play on pb & official servers, players can spec on WTV, etc..

All players need to install punkbuster, here [ezbashcup.tourney.cc] you can install it and read some instructions. It's really easy. If you would have any troubles post something on our forum or the S4NDMoD Forums.

Wolf TV
We got a Wolf TV server which you use while other games are being played.

Slots: 25

Special thanks to merlinator for the wolftv server!

Play your games on the official servers!
eZbash clanserver;password jihad
More servers to follow

Good luck to all participating clans

Poll Results + Sign up CLOSED 5 oct written by homie, 2010-10-03 23:58 CEST (3 comments)

Hi all,

for the cup we allowed the public to decide a few important issues. The poll voting is now officialy closed.

here are the results of the poll:

5th map in mappool: mp_ice
format: groupphase with semi-finals & finals
Punkbuster: Yes, it will be enabled
thx to everybody who voted and shared his opinion.

In other news, you can still sign-up your team till 5 october. At the moment we got 14 teams, which is beyond my expectations! So big ups to everybody participating to show that homie gay lolo rtcw isn't dead..

don't forget that you have to add all your players in the lineup at your team on this site that might play in the cup.

I've also made the official rules, please read them!

Want to practice a bit the map in a relaxing way? Come to our public server with maprotation ;) Or if you want to practice with your team, go ezbash private (pw: jihad)
eZbash public -
eZbash clanserver -;password jihad

Still to come soon:
- step by step how to install punkbuster into your rtcw
- serverconfig published for other teams who want to host a server

Have fun

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